Injury Prevention Workshops

We are specialists in injury prevention and we provide specialized, interactive workshops for performers, backstage crew, sports teams and businesses geared towards the unique demands of the participants.  Our goal for these workshops is to empower the participants to take ownership over the health and wellness of their bodies, allowing them confidence to pursue their passions without fear of injury.  Examples of workshops that we can provide are:

• General injury prevention including proper warm-up/cool-down as well as strengthening to offset the physical demands of choreography/costuming/blocking
• Body mechanics workshops including dynamic training for pushing/pulling, lifting, sitting, and partnering
• Sports-specific strength and conditioning programs

Raked Stage Workshops

A raked stage provides an increased challenge to performers and crew members because it offsets the body’s center of gravity and therefore changes the stress on the muscles and joints.  We are available to speak to your company regarding safety while working on a raked stage.  Our workshops include proper posturing on and off the rake, appropriate stretching and warm-up/cool-down exercises to help prevent rake-related injuries.  Actors' Equity requires that these workshops take place before the company begins rehearsing on the rake.  It is beneficial to have the space available for these workshops for the company to have the full kinesthetic awareness of the rake while learning how to care for themselves. 

Individual Musculoskeletal Screening

We provide the option for screens of individuals and performers, specialized to the demands of each persons physical demands in a particular production or a particular activity.  These screens allow us to identify areas that may be vulnerable to injury and guide us in not only prescribing individualized exercise programs but also helping to determine the need for follow up care with direct treatment (manual therapy and neuromuscular re-education).  We have found that performing these screens early on or, preferably, prior to the rehearsal process, benefit the individual and the production by cutting down on the overall number of injuries as well as time lost from performance.  Screens can also allow us to determine the need for more specific workshops to improve body mechanics.