Dear PhysioArts Family,

Many years ago, I started the process of creating PhysioArts. I set out with the intent to create a space where employees and patients felt safe, improved their strength and function, had fun, and grew in as many ways possible.  Who knew at that time that it would quickly take on its own life, infusing each space we inhabited with a healing, joyful spirit. 

I’m so humbled reflecting on my 19 years in business. 

I’ve had and continue to have the most incredible team, from PTs to office staff, aides to volunteers.  Exceptional humans who care about their craft, their coworkers, the theater community and the impact that they leave with each patient.  They are all truly family to me.  We’ve lifted each other up through weddings, divorces, illnesses, deaths, moves and babies (SO.  MANY.  BABIES!).  We always learn from each other, regardless of years of experience or position held, because there is respect for what each can contribute.

And partnerships…..physician partnerships that every PT office dreams of.  True collaboration in every sense of the word.  How lucky we are to be so supported by such outstanding doctors.  And our show partnerships…. company managers, stage managers and choreographers who all believe in our ability to help their companies focus on their artistry while we tend to their hardworking joints and muscles.  I am so honored to have such trust, and to play a small role in such gorgeous art.

I often say that we have the best patients, and it’s not just a line.  Our patients are motivated, talented, fun, and kind.  There’s so much laughter in our space accompanying the tears and the sweat.  We form bonds that often last well beyond the table. 

When I look back, I am filled to the brim with love for this beautiful existence we’ve all created together.  But even the greatest shows see their final curtain.

With a full heart and a deep breath, I’m writing to share with you all that I have decided to close the clinic.   Our last day for patients at our office will be July 27th. 

I know this is shocking to you.  I’m still digesting it myself.  There are many factors contributing to this, mostly financial, some personal.  Workers compensation reimbursement has been the same for 18 ½ years of my business, while everything else involved in running the business has steadily, and sometimes steeply, increased.  They did finally increase these rates in April, in great thanks to many of you who wrote letters to the state, but not enough to offset the huge increase in rent and insurances, let alone to provide raises to my amazing staff who continue to work for well under market value because they love what they do.  As sad as it is, I’d much prefer to end on a high note, with a full office and a happy staff, than to push through and be forced to make tough choices on quality of patient care, employee experience and work-life balance that would inevitably make our clinic something other than it’s always been.

Please know that this decision was not made lightly.  I looked tirelessly at my budget, negotiated intensely with my landlord. I looked into partnerships that I thought would benefit and respect the Broadway community, but the timing just wasn’t right. I knew I didn’t want to involve anyone who wouldn’t ultimately do right by all of you.  I spent many quiet moments searching my heart for what was best for me, which would in turn be best for PhysioArts.  I have, however, worked hard to find the right mix of places for my entire PhysioArts’ community, patients and work family, and I want you to know that we have you covered.

Show contracts: I will continue to service some of them through PhysioArts.  Those that I felt I couldn’t staff, I’ve found you wonderful PTs, many of whom you are already working with, to provide uninterrupted and excellent care to you and your companies, and I will be working with all of these new partnerships to ensure a smooth transition.

Patients: I know a big question on your minds is where do I go now, and what is happening with the PhysioArts players.  Below, please find the scoop on where you can find your PT, so that you can reach out with questions about your current course of care or future PT needs.  We’ll do all we can to make your transition of care seamless.  Many of our team have wonderful offers, and we’ll continue to update this list on our website as plans get firmed up. 

Sarah: Megan: Alejandro: Karen Kubicina:

All four will be working at: Function First Physical Therapy:  they accept workers comp and Cigna 119 W 23rd Street, #804 212-691-4833


Mims Method: Physical Therapy and Pilates                 250 W 26th St, #402                

Carolyn Lack:

MVMTPT 99 Madison Ave, 5th Floor 646-389-4327

Jessi Patz:  

             Amy Zink:   

Grand Central Pain Relief     369 Lexington Avenue, 16th Floor 212-943-4999

As for me, I am only ending this particular role.  I look forward to continuing to work within the theater community in new ways, and am excited to see how that develops.   Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions.  I will still be treating some, and I’m also happy to help steer you as you find a new home base for your PT.  212-997-4790

All that’s left to do now is to thank you.  What a gift PhysioArts has been and will continue to be.   And the memories you’ve given me. Of work family, of how powerful healing can be, of many many opening nights and wonderful Broadway shows, of meeting icons and hopefuls, of sitting in on intimate rehearsals that played out like a master class, and laughter, so much laughter. But most of all, heart. The entire PhysioArts family, if nothing else, is all heart. It’s been such an honor to serve you these past 19 years.   

I invite all of our clients, current and previous, to stop by one more time to say hi, and so we can thank you in person for your trust.

With love,