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PhysioArts has become my go-to physical therapy for years now! I’m so ecstatic whenever I’m doing a show that uses them. They’ve nursed me back to health on many occasion. The therapists are knowledgeable, they hold me accountable, and most importantly, they care about their clients on a personal level. I’ve laughed with them, I’ve cried with them, and everything in between. They treat me like family, and I them. I’m a Physio-man through and through!
— Aaron Albano
As a classical ballet dancer with The Royal Ballet, my body is my instrument. PhysioArts has helped keep my body fine-tuned and in the best of shape to provide me with a long and successful career. I couldn’t have found a better group of people to work with!
— Meaghan Hinkis
PhysioArts has helped me with many injuries, and I’ve come out stronger from all of them by the expertise there. They understand the physicality of a dancer/performer/athlete and know what to do to help you stay strong and capable of continuous physical activity. They give you the knowledge of how you can maintain and prevent injuries from occurring yourself. I trust every therapist there 100% and know that I will be ok in their hands.
— Beth Nicely
Broadway runs on PhysioArts, and that includes Producers as well as Performers. I am one of the former. Jenni Green has saved me from surgery and done so with kindness, knowledge and the positive expectation that I would heal. Thanks all.
— Annette Niemtzow
I have been a patient of Jenni Green’s for various injuries over the course of 20 years. She and all of her physical therapists are extremely qualified and the best at what they do. They kept my Broadway dance career going. They are the best in the biz. Look no further if your body needs to be strengthened and healed.
— Pamela Remler
Jenni Green and her professional, kind, compassionate, knowledgeable team have been working on my being intermittently for several years. They are hands on physical therapists. They not only work on your injury, your disability but they give you the knowledge and skill set to continue your recovery, maintenance, and preservation of your body every single day. I can not spit out enough superlatives about them! Oh yeah, Jenni makes me laugh too.
— JoAnn Hunter
Jen Green and her incredibly talented therapists at PhysioArts are smart, caring, thorough and discreet and have not only kept me going through several injuries, but have healed me and taught me valuable lessons on how to stay healthy and strong.
— Anonymous
PhysioArts keeps many of us Broadway actors and dancers doing 8 shows a week! They are knowledgeable and caring, and I’m so grateful they are there!
— Nili Bassman
When I first started at PhysioArts, I truly never thought I’d be able to dance again. Today, not only can I take class, but I can do so pain-free. The patient care at PhysioArts extends far beyond physical well-being. They were with me every step of the way; I am now a better and smarter dancer thanks to every single individual at this one-of-a-kind facility!
— Kelsey Griffith
Jenni Green and her therapists kept me going 8 shows a week for three years, through Spamalot and Curtains. They are gifted, skillful, intuitive and amazing.
— David Hyde Pierce
Jen Green and PhysioArts have saved not only many a Broadway show with their hands-on talent, but my very own body! What they do for a dancer is nothing short of magical. Jen and her team deserve a standing ovation!
— Susan Stroman
With a month of training left for the half-marathon, I injured my hip. Many would have thought I shouldn’t expect to run. Jenni Green didn’t go there at all. Jenni’s exercises and care for a complete re-set of my last month of training enabled me to run pain free and at my fastest pace ever.
— Eve Ellis
There is such a healing energy about PhysioArts. Jen Green and all of the practitioners are so knowledgeable, take such care with each person, and create a safe environment for getting well.
— Casey Nicholaw
I have seen Jen and others on her staff for my various issues over the years, since PhysioArts opened its doors. I choose PhysioArts over in-network providers because I know I’ll get results faster and with longevity because they don’t only work on your dysfunctions but re-educate movement patterns for functional integration long after you are done with PT.
— Annette Frey
After a severe climbing injury in Namibia and five operations to repair injuries to my ankles, Jen has done remarkable work to get me back to my normal level of activity. Post surgery, she provided massage, ROM and exercises to facilitate a rapid return to activity and once stable, an aggressive IPA regimen to regain as much function as possible. She is a superb diagnostician and therapist—but is also a lovely person to work with, combining empathy with just the right amount of encouragement and push. She is the best there is! I am now running and playing squash again.
— Seth Berkley

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