We are specialists in preventive, on-site care, having provided backstage physical therapy for countless shows and productions.  Our on-site program will be catered to fit the needs of your company.  This program focuses on the assessment of potential problems arising from repetitive choreography, costumes, props, stage surfaces and backstage environments.  With a consistent team approach to injury prevention using biomechanical analysis, orthopaedic examination and skilled physical therapy care, we can limit time loss and workers compensation claims. We work very closely with medical doctors in order to expedite ER visits, triage injuries and determine return-to-work prognosis.  We can also coordinate with wardrobe and dance departments to help create solutions to repetitive stressors, allowing continued performance without a loss in aesthetics.  Our services can be provided on location or at our office, and include assessment, education, taping, therapeutic exercise, instruction in self-care measures and manual treatments such as massage, soft tissue mobilization, joint/spine mobilization and stretching.