Dance Physical Therapy

Dance medicine is a specialized area of orthopaedic physical therapy.  PhysioArts’ PTs excel in the rehabilitation of dance-related injuries, combining their vast personal experience in dance and performance with their years of training in physical therapy.  Our goal is to restore your optimal function for rapid return to performing without pain.  We understand that, as an athlete and a dancer, your body is your livelihood.  Our physical therapists have many years of experience treating professional dancers, and we work with the top dance and sports medicine doctors in New York City.

Vocal Wellness

We understand the demands placed upon performers during auditions, rehearsals, tech and  full performance schedules.  As an adjunct to voice lessons with a trained professional, physical therapy can significantly improve vocal wellness to sustain your voice for a long career.  We use manual therapy to address limitations in soft tissue, joint and organ mobility (namely the larynx and trachea), in addition to addressing motor control dysfunctions noted during breathing to give you the best potential to achieve and maintain a healthy vocal system.  

Musician Care

We understand that musicians, both on Broadway and off, are at a great risk for injury due to the highly repetitive nature as well as the long hours of practice and performance.  We provide physical therapy for musicians in order to allow continued performance, when possible, while improving their mechanical efficiency and addressing compensatory changes in technique that have been caused by pain.  We work with musicians to adjust ergonomic playing conditions to create more optimal alignment to allow efficient technique.