Dear Patients,

We are passionately and wholeheartedly dedicated to serving the performing arts population.  We ourselves are artists, and find great  joy in giving back to our world through our second passion of physical therapy.  Because we serve this community, the bulk of our patients are covered by workers' compensation.  The fees paid to physical therapists under workers' compensation are set by the state of NY, and have been the EXACT SAME AMOUNT since 1996.  Imagine not getting a raise for 22 years!   We strive to provide the highest quality care to all of our patients, but this proves harder to do each year when rents, salaries and other expenses go up, with no increase to our revenue.  

Here's where you come in.  This year, NY state is finally updating their fee schedule.  They currently have the proposed changes open to public comment.  While any and all increases are welcome, these new fees are still capping the earnings for physical therapists at an amount much lower than standard reimbursement, not even taking into account the expense of Manhattan.  We need your help!  Click on the link below to a letter template that you can personalize and submit to the Board before the comment period ends on August 5th.

Patient Comment Letter Template

Please submit comments by emailing: