We believe in treating the whole person, and it is our mission that our patients leave feeling cared for in both body and mind. 

We provide services that promote healing, decrease pain, improve efficiency, and make each patient stronger than pre-injury.

We educate patients about their current symptoms, the causes of their dysfunction and preventive techniques.

We empower patients with the tools to be an active participant in their wellness and confident in their independent management at time of discharge

We strive for each person to feel heard, uplifted, cared for, less fearful and, ultimately, happy. 

We are a practice that values kindness, enthusiasm, honesty, empathy, team mentality and a healthy dose of fun in all of our employees. 

We are driven, slightly nerdy therapists with healing hands and passion for helping others, self-improvement and the arts. 

We believe in physical therapy as a component of regular wellness and upkeep of an efficient system.  We desire to allow you to maintain your active lifestyle while improving efficiency and preventing breakdown of tissues. 

We aim to be a positive influence in our community, adding kindness, compassion and understanding to the full extent of our reach.